Training & Consultancy Offered

EMPOWERment™ Resource Technologies (ERT) is a consulting, training firm that partners with corporate executives and their teams to accelerate business growth and realize milestones in performance through staff transformation.

EMPOWERment™ Resource Technologies is committed to continuous development of human capital through training. ERT delivers agency-specific training, career development programs, and customized consulting solutions to enrich learning and optimize individual, group and organizational performance.

We deliver customized consulting solutions. For client exploring opportunities in various sectors,  EMPOWERment™ Resource Technologies delivers practical advice by integrating world-class advice and corporate consultancy.

Empowerment Change Management

The rate of organizational change keeps on accelerating. The rapid innovation in technology is driving infinite changes in systems and processes.

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Performance Enhancement Strategies

Today your employer is YOUR number one Customer. Job security is a mirage. It is only your performance that guarantees job security. Your The future…

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Executive Leadership

Executives who participate in Empowerment’s executive leadership programs develop the competencies for delivering exceptional results results

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Team Synergy Alignment

Having people throughout the enterprise authentically aligned to the strategy and future of the business – operating as one team – requires exceptional paradigm.

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Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is a vital component of our daily life and business. Money is made or lost at the negotiating table. Learn the secrets of negotiations

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Customer Relations

Considerable resources are spent acquire customers. How do you ensure customers are maintained? The quality of the thinking of your staff determines

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Many opportunities are lost due to inability to effectively present our ideas to others. This course enables you to influence others and exert yourself in business

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Advanced Selling Strategies

This this intensive mental training program, equips participants with practical sales skills and consummate attitude to get exceptional results.

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Culture Transformation

Performance DNA is the sum total of individual attitudes, beliefs and values that determine the competitive edge of the organization. This program

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