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Empowerment Change Management

The rate of organizational change keeps on accelerating. The rapid innovation in technology is driving infinite changes in systems and processes.

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Performance Enhancement Strategies

Today your employer is YOUR number one Customer. Job security is a mirage. It is only your performance that guarantees job security. Your The future…

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Executive Leadership

Executives who participate in Empowerment’s executive leadership programs develop the competencies for delivering exceptional results results

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Team Synergy Alignment

Having people throughout the enterprise authentically aligned to the strategy and future of the business – operating as one team – requires exceptional paradigm.

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An Insight into Overcoming Personal Performance Challenges

The book, FROM here to THERE, written by Lennard O. Asher, contains practical, strategic, tactical and inspirational gems of wisdom drawn from distinguished role models and infused in personal experiences of the author to encourage you to reflect as you navigate the complex terrain of life.

The book, FROM here to THERE, attempts to demystify the fact that there is no better there. Every there you reach, becomes a here and you have to create another THERE. The book is about constant and never ending improvement that is done in small, simple and consistent steps one hour at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time and one year at a time.

Our Clients

We have a world wide portfolio of clients from diverse sectors.

1. Strategy formulation
2. Business & Process re-engineering
3. Upstream & Down stream petroleum
4. Company structuring & re-structuring
5. Staff development
6. Local content capacity building & structuring in gas, mining & oil


1. East and Central Africa
2. West Africa
3. United States of America
4. Europe
5. South East Asia

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