From here to There

FROM here to THERE

FROM here to THERE: An Insight into Overcoming Personal Performance Challenges

This book, FROM here to THERE attempts to demystify the fact that there is no better there. Every there you reach, becomes a here and you have to create another THERE. This book, FROM here to there is about constant and never-ending improvement that is done in small, simple and consistent steps one hour at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time and one year at a time.


Book - From here to There

Book Preview: From here to There

This book is a bold attempt to unravel the paradox of talented people who perform below their ability. It is a product of my vast consulting experience with local and multinational organizations in the areas of leadership, strategy and performance management.

FROM HERE TO THERE” is not just another book. It is a unique set of proven practical gems that will take you through a journey of personal reflection and stimulate intrinsic motivation for meaningful transformation; the kind that can guarantee one thing — Progress.

This book is built on the trail of insights by Kevin Carrol to the effect that human catalysts for dreamers are teachers and encouragers that they encounter through their lives. This statement has two very important words: catalyst and dreamer. A catalyst is a substance that accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected.
In personal development, the catalyst is the trainer, teacher, mentor or coach, who carries a message that triggers the thought process in the learner with the objective of making the learner better. This explains why learners tend to do better than their teachers. Christ echoed this principle to his disciples “I tell you the truth; anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works…” It is therefore possible that you have surpassed your teachers in many aspects of your life.

Similarly, I expect this book to take you beyond your current level of imagination. I celebrate all teachers. They are the unsung heroes that lay the foundation of our progress. They are the ultimate mentors, counsellors and coaches whose dedication and wisdom has made all of us who we are today. Teachers are selfless, patient, considerate and compassionate. They give it all with their hearts. Their greatest joy is to see us succeed beyond our imagination.

This book, written by Lennard O. Asher, contains practical, strategic, tactical and inspirational gems of wisdom drawn from distinguished role models and infused in personal experiences of the author to encourage you to reflect as you navigate the complex terrain of life.

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