Executive Leadership

Executives who participate in Empowerment’s executive leadership programs develop the competencies for delivering exceptional results, depth of thinking, humility and power to continually open new ground. Leaders learn strategies for creating performance climate.

Breakthrough Leadership

What does it do? For leaders, it instils the possibility and the practice of breakthrough thinking, and provides the fundamental tools to invent new possibilities and to produce breakthrough results.

For organizations, it creates flexibility and receptiveness in implementing breakthrough growth initiatives. It brings people together around the vision and lays the groundwork for organizational alignment, teamwork, cross-functional collaboration and an intense focus on producing outcomes. By transforming thinking and behaviour, it impacts every aspect of the organization, from vision and strategy to day-to-day operations.

Participants begin by examining their own thinking, making explicit their own assumptions and beliefs. They then systematically learn to access new ways of thinking, generating new possibilities and approaches to yield exceptional results.

“Leadership is best reserved for those who don’t need positions to validate who they are ”

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