Performance Management

Performance Management Training

EMPOWERment™ Resource Technologies is committed to continuous development of human capital through training. ERT delivers agency-specific training, career development programs, and customized consulting solutions to enrich learning and optimize individual, group and organizational performance.

  • Are you having a challenge setting up KPIs?
  • Do you know how to tie organizational goals with employee’s achievements?
  • Are your managers evaluating performance correctly?
  • Are you documenting performance properly whether good or bad?
  • What process do you follow when staff excels or fails to?
  • How do you put non-performers under Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)?
  • Are you finding it hard to give feedback on performance to employees?
  • Do you have proper performance management appraisal tools and templates?

With the changing times, it has become critical to have SMART goals, measure performance effectively and understand KPIs, while supporting your staff’s development.

This performance management training in Kenya will help you evaluate the efficiency of the organization’s performance management system and work towards aligning it with the business objectives. It will further equip you with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude towards paving a path of growth and success for your own team members and business.

Performance Management training encompasses:

  • The performance management process
  • Why you should hire slow and fire fast
  • How to set the expectations in the first 100 days for a new employee
  • How to align your employees with the organizational goals
  • How to build trust, motivation and commitment from your employees
  • The 3 top performance management tools you need to have for an efficient organisation
  • The art of effective delegation
  • How to set the right goals for each individual
  • The legal way to fire an employee because of poor performance
  • Performance management tools and templates that you can customize for your organization.

Performance Management training is for:

  • HR Managers
  • Managers or Supervisors who routinely are responsible for managing performance
  • Employees that supervise other employees

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