Navigating the Dynamic Unpredictable Life Terrain.

Life is such that no formal structured institution will teach you all you need to learn and know.You may have to self teach of the things that will help you to advance in life. Working hard on the job may help you to make ends meet but may not take you far. To make quantum progress you have to work hard on your self religiously and consistently. This is what what will help you to increase your capacity and enhance your talent, skills and competencies which have to be consistently horned if you are to remain relevant.

There are three levels of learning: Maintenance, growth and shock.

Maintenance is the learning which equips you with basic skills that enable or allow you to compete in the market place. It is the basic requirement for entering the playing field. FoNavigating the dynamic unpredictable life terrainr example a vehicle to have four wheels is not an advantage, it is what qualifies it to be a vehicle , so the owner cannot brag about that. In the same way in this dynamic age, some competencies and skills you acquired yesterday are no longer an advantage but a basic requirement. Consider a diploma or a college degree attained a few years back,does not longer give you an edge in the market place, because it is what every body has from the support staff to management. This may sound ridiculous but consider this analogy which is very familiar you. The changes babies go through in the formative years are very fascinating to parents especially first time parents. For example growing of the front teeth is subject of joy and laughter and parents are eager to tell every one who cares to listen about the toothless innocent smile. Fast forward, ten years later can parents brag about their child having teeth? Of course not. Teeth now become the basic tools the child need to enjoy chewy food.

The second level is growth. This is where is recognizable transformation of your capacity, like learning a new language, acquiring a new skill.This is based on the premise that for you to get what you have never had before, you have to be what you have never been. Achievers are passionate about this aspect of life. They have a voracious appetite for growth in all areas of their personal life.(spiritual,emotional, mental and physical)

The third level which is a consequence of failing to respond to the second level is shock or failure.You wake up to the painful fact that circumstances are longer in your favour and regret and remorse sets in. The positive side of this reality is that it so graphic that you can’t miss it and can lead to action to damage control. With the world moving at break neck speed many jobs and skill are being shaded never to return and the onus is on you to re-engineer or repackage your self to grab the next opportunity before it passes you by. Have you ever considered what become of type writer technicians when the desk top replaced the typewriter? Or what become of stamp manufacturers when the email took over? What become telegraphic operators? With the on set of cloud computing we can only guess its impact on internet administrators and hard ware storage.That is the impact of disruptive technology and it is not about stop. You need to reseal that your job has no future, but the future is in you as a person on condition you are flexible and proactive in your growth. Charles Darwin remarked that survival is not for the strongest or most intelligent creatures but to the most responsive to change. Remember flexibility is a sign of life and rigidity a sign of death. Are you rigidly hooked on the past with nostalgia or taking risks with unforeseen future?

To pursue the future you need information, not just information but current or up to date information that can help you make strategic decisions that are consistent with the times. Someone joked that you should not read any book older than you other than the Bible and the Koran.You get the message? However appetite for information for its own sake is of no value. It must be used to expand your mental horizon and ultimately transformation.
Today information is being exchanged at terrific speeds. Here are some unnerving statistics: According to HBR Jan – Feb 2012, the world has gone from 12billion e-mail per day to 247 billion, from 400,000 SMS to 4.5 billion, from individual average of 2.7 hrs a week on line to 18 hours. The best way to get information is to read. Many people only read for exams. Some one said said those can read and don’t read are as good as those can’t read. The result is the same- ignorance or simply put stupidity. Strategic reading is food for a creative and functioning mind. Success is determined by what you know. People who are ahead of you know something you don’t know and you can’t perform at their level until you get to know what they know.

Opportunity shuns need.Opportunity is attracted by performance, action, and talent. It is like the ground.You can’t borrow from the ground, a future harvest. If you seek you will find. Finding is a reserve for searchers. Doors only open Doors only open for those who dare knock.for those who dare knock. You can only think in context of what you know. You cant think in ignorance. Just like a computer you can’t work on a file you haven’t saved.In the same think about information you have not interacted with. What you think about is like a sail on a sail boat.No matter how strong contrary winds blow if you want to reach your destination, you don’t get there by complaining and cursing the storm,but by adjusting the sail. It is critical that you get a mental representation that supports your life philosophy. Is this a common scenario at the end of the month , you look at your pay slip and mourn,just imagine this what the company pay! Wrong, that is not what the company pays, it is what they pay YOU! The company can afford to pay more, but the value of your contribution is what you are paid.You want to be paid more, increase your value in terms of contribution. Friend economy is personal.Things are not expensive, price is neutral , it is you who can’t afford. Your income is directly related to your philosophy not to the economy.When you conclude that the economy is bad, on whose behalf are you speaking? You say there is no money , really? Go to the bank and see if the vaults are not full with bank notes. It is your account which doesn’t have money. I’m talking about proper representation of facts. Know the truth and it will set you free. The truth allows you to amend your ways.

Three things you need to understand about life is Philosophy which the sum total of your beliefs and values, your attitude which the lens through which you see life and your activities that are influenced by your philosophy and attitude. Life will not you judge for trying it will judge for the results. Results are neutral. They can be good or bad, positive or negative, inspiring or dispiriting. They are consequences of your activities. Let results teach you about your activities. If you don’t like the fruits of your activities then change the seeds you are sowing.
As you engage in your next plan of action, don’t compromise hard work. Remember the definition of labour, thou shall work six days and rest one day. Don’t have the numbers mixed up. Six days of heavy input and one day of rest. Don’t rest more than you work.Samuel Goldwayne the famous film producer said, the “the harder I work, the luckier I get” Remember big advantages come one small advantage at a time. Remember profits are better than wages. Strive for profits.

Finally friend I believe these nuggets have given you mental stimulation and fresh perspective.
In conclusion ask your self 4 questions: Why? the answer is is why not? why not You? and Why not change Now?

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