Advanced Selling strategies

Are you getting the results you want from your sales team?

Does your sales team have the skills and the drive of sterling achievers?

Does your sales team passionately enjoy selling your products?

This this intensive mental training program, equips participants with practical sales skills and consummate attitude to get exceptional results.

The program is delivered in series for maximum impact.

Using proven sales skills in understanding consumer behaviour and needs

Participants will learn: BENEFITS
Global Shifts.
How to have consistent self confidence and self esteem.
How to create instant rapport.
How to create win-win relationship with clients.
To truly believing in your products.
The psychology of buying and selling.
The psychology of persuasion.
Closing strategies.
Consistent self-motivation skills.
How to create wealth through a sales career.
Increased sales and business growth.
Improved, sustained and business relationships
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